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​What Do We Recycle @  Gauteng Ewaste?

Certified waste electrical & electronic recycler


Waste Electrical and electronic equipment

IT Equipment

Laptops, pc's, servers & sensitive hardware

Lead Batteries

Industrial & automotive ​

lead acid batteries

Copper Cables

Electrical & network cables

Office Equipment

Redundant furniture, telephones, copiers, fax machines, etc.

Collection Services

Whether you intend on upgrading your office equipment, or just need to clear out bulk e-waste that’s taking up valuable storage space, get in touch with eWaste to arrange a collection. Collections are subject to the type and quantity of material to be collected.

Contact us today to assess your collection options.


  • Secure and safe bulk removal
  • Quick response

Dismantling Services

Do you want to dismantle your electronic equipment to maximise recyclability and minimise waste? We dismantle and recycle various components of your redundant electric and electronic equipment to ensure safe disposal and minimise waste to landfill. If you’d like to see some return on your eWaste instead of just incurring high disposal costs unnecessarily, contact us today.


  • Maximum return on redundant material
  • Minimise waste to landfill

Data Destruction

We take the security of your data extremely seriously! Whether you require physical destruction or sanitation of your sensitive hardware, and with trusted partners, we protect you against data breaches when disposing of your IT and non-IT equipment. We ensure that you comply with the POPI act.

Enquire about our data destruction services now.


  • Onsite or offsite destruction services
  • Serialised asset disposal certificate

Onsite Audits & Storeroom cleanup!

You do not need to jump through hoops to comply with South Africa’s best disposal practices. We will scan your hardware onsite or offsite, and issue you with a serialised & safe disposal certificate to confirm that all bulk waste was disposed of by following the guidelines of the eWaste Association of South Africa. 

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